You can see a lot just by looking – Yogi Berra

How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? How do you bridge the gap? Getting to your goals is all about making better decisions. It’s hard to make good business decisions even if you have perfect information. But it is impossible to make good decisions with poor or inaccurate information! Rockwell Business Solutions can help you make better decisions by helping you understand what is causing the results you are getting.

Rockwell Business Solutions exists to help small businesses design their future. To do that we emphasize the basics, the fundamentals, of what it takes to create or re-create a great business. Most small businesses are so busy working IN the business that they don’t have time to work ON the business. How do you break out of this trap? Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. To get out of the work IN versus work ON trap we help our clients develop the habits they need and give them the tools to succeed. We are your coach and mentor . We can’t make you successful, only you can do that, but we can guide you on your journey. There is peace of mind knowing that you are moving in the right direction.

There are key elements that every business MUST have:

  • Leadership
  • Good People
  • Solid foundation. A business, like a house, cannot stand for long without a solid foundation.
  • Strategy
  • Execution

Rockwell Business Solutions has the people who can coach and train you to fulfill these needs. Our Associates are highly trained, eminently qualified, and have experience with small and large organizations. They can help you reach your goals and we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of performance and ethical standards. [link to Associates page]

Rockwell Business Solutions understands that successful solutions consider all aspects of the business. We are allied with experts in various business areas who can focus on your issues and help you implement solutions.

Your company is unique and special and we strive to give you the special care you deserve.


  • PURPOSE: The vision / purpose of Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC is closely allied with the vision / purpose of its founder, Roy Austin.  For Roy, it is all about remaining relevant in this life.  By relevant he means continuing to make a contribution to the world in some small way.  I realized a long time ago that 100 years from now no one will remember who I was.  By then even our grandchildren will probably be dead.  So how do you leave a lasting legacy?  For us then, it is by having a positive impact on the lives of the people we meet in this life.  If we can teach / help others in a way that benefits their lives then we have left a legacy that carries on after we’re gone.  Therefore, Rockwell Business Solutions exists to share the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained to help small businesses grow, prosper, and reach their goals.  There are lots of ways to define growth.  For some it could be size, sales, number of employees, geographic area, etc.  For others it could be growing in terms of knowledge, efficiency, productivity, profitability, etc.


    Rockwell has a team of Associates and the connections that can help the small business person reach their goals.


    Never compromise your integrity
    Continuous Learning Communicate clearly, no buzz words
    Get input from someone who disagrees with you. Don’t let ego get in the way
    Always accessible to customers Honesty & Integrity
    Quality People Never Distort the facts / Always tell it like it is
    Be prepared for good/bad times Accept Responsibility for Mistakes
    Never respond to upsetting email until sleeping on it & even then, Learn from Mistakes
    Call the person to discuss it with them Give credit to others Consider alternatives before acting


Talk Of The Town with Roy Austin, Rockwell Business Solutions


The Job Talk Radio Interview


Remarkable Radio Interview


“I’ve been associated with Roy Austin for the past decade and have the greatest respect for his management style, organizational skills, and leadership abilities. As our CFO Roy made continual improvements saving us fortunes over the years. He is a gentleman of the greatest integrity and leads by constant example. Because of our great respect and admiration of his abilities, upon his retirement as CFO, we continue to rely on his valued counsel as a full-time consultant in our various business ventures. Roy and Rockwell Business Solutions are a pleasure to do business with!”

Bill Conaway, Vice Chairman of the Board, D. J. Powers

“Roy has the unique ability to see business from every vantage point. I have observed his analysis and development of internal process improvement within the transportation industry as well as his overall integration of the components in other settings. He has a very positive and productive attitude and will significantly add to any business.”

Tom McGoldrick, President, High Road Advisors, LLC

“When it comes to accounting and financial matters, Roy Austin has demonstrated a remarkable ability to provide straightforward and sound advice to both his clients and his colleagues. He has the rare combination of experience, knowledge, wisdom and leadership skills, and is excellent in whatever projects he works and any tasks he undertakes.”

Terry Lemmons, Vice President/Market Growth and Development Consultant, Willis Fargo Insurance Services

“I have known Roy personally as a friend and mentor. Roy has a long history of helping people help themselves to be successful business people and taking the ethics required to do so home to their family. Most people and especially business coaches that I am bombarded with are in it for the money only. Roy is involved because he cares for people by helping then with what they care most about. Roy’s many other endorsements speak of Roy’s experience. I know Roy for his wisdom and care.”

Bob All, President, Custom Security Specialist’s Inc.
Rockwell Business Solutions