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Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC was founded in 2007 to help Roy Austin’s son Rocky get his new company, Blue Diamond Pool Service up and running. The name Rockwell was chosen because Roy’s son Rocky is the 5th generation with “Rockwell” in his name. Rockwell is also part of Roy’s name, his father’s name, grandfather’s name and great grandfather’s name.

Shortly after inception in 2007 the President & CEO of D.J. Powers where Roy was the Chief Financial Officer, asked Roy to take a more active role in working with another company he owned, Cargo Group, LLC. Eventually, this led to two more clients, Crescent Investments and Cargo Transportation Services.

On August 31, 2009, Roy retired from D.J. Powers when his wife Sharron was experiencing significant health issues for the previous 18 months so that they could go wherever they needed to go to find someone who could figure out what was wrong with her. Shortly after he retired, Sharron cured herself. She discovered that she had developed a reaction to one of her blood pressure medicines, and once the doctor changed her meds, she has been excellent. That left Roy retired which he doesn’t do. There is only so much tennis, his body can stand, and without problems and challenges, he would be bored.

The business gradually grew, and Roy found he loved working with small business owners and helping them reach their goals. These are smart, ambitious and genuine people, but in most cases, they haven’t had exposure to some of the things that Roy and his Associates have. There is nothing more rewarding than when you see the light bulb turn on in their mind, and they realize a better, more efficient, or more profitable way to do things.

Fundamental Purpose: Rockwell Business Solutions exists to help small business owners grow and improve their business and reach their goals.

Fundamental Values:

      • All people are entitled to the opportunity to succeed
      • Tell it like it is
      • Accept Responsibility, Learn from Mistakes
      • Do what is right
      • Respect everyone
      • Continuous Learning & Improvement is essential
      • Enjoy life, it won’t last

Fundamental Operating Principles:

      • Good times & bad times never last, prepare for both
      • Always ask the clients permission before doing work
      • Get input from people who don’t agree with you. They will force you to think.
      • No Standard Answer: Every business is different & has different needs & goals

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