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"Roy is the driving force behind the success of the local chapter of the IMA's Council for CFOs and Controllers. His enthusiasm is as big an asset to the group as his organizational skills and persuasiveness to bring in excellent speakers--on a very limited budget."
Austin Kennedy
Vice President Finance, Care Core National
"Rockwell Business Solutions worked with BottlesUp Glass for the first year and a half of starting our glass water bottle business. He tirelessly grew with us from the initial conceptual phase to our full launch in 2010, and was a pleasure to work with. He continues to consult as needed, and we highly recommend their services."
Laurel Herter
President, BottlesUP Inc
"Roy always conducts himself with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. He is conscientious and caring, and is well-liked by colleagues and competitors. Roy would be an asset to any organization that he would be associated with."
Deepika Paul
Executive Vice President, United Community Banks
"Thank you for your recent presentation at the Chief Financial Officers council meeting. Your fresh insight into cash flow management was well received by the audience and encouraged examination of routine yet often counterproductive business practices. I particularly appreciated your real life examples to demonstrate your point. Although we are all equally given the same 24 hour day, I blame my busy schedule for not exerting the extra energy to continue my studies to improve productivity. Thank you for condensing the scholarly books and research into a usable and more easily absorbed format."
Dodie L. Gay, MPA
President & CEO, Enviro-Assets, LLC
"I've been associated with Roy Austin for the past decade and have the greatest respect for his management style, organizational skills, and leadership abilities. As our CFO Roy made continual improvements saving us fortunes over the years. He is a gentleman of the greatest integrity and leads by constant example. Because of our great respect and admiration of his abilities, upon his retirement as CFO, we continue to rely on his valued counsel as a full time consultant in our various business ventures. Roy and Rockwell Business Solutions are a pleasure to do business with!"
Bill Conaway
Vice Chairman of the Board, D. J. Powers
"Roy has the unique ability to see business from every vantage point. I have observed his analysis and development of internal process improvement within the transportation industry as well as his overall integration of the components in other settings. He has a very positive and productive attitude and will significantly add to any business. Please feel free to contact the undersigned."
Thomas A. McGoldrick
President High Road Advisors, LLC
"I have known Roy personally as a friend and mentor. Roy has a long history of helping people help themselves to be successful business people and taking the ethics required to do so home to their family. Most people and especially business coaches that I am bombarded with are in it for the money only. Roy is involved because he cares for people by helping then with what they care most about. Roy's many other endorsements speak of Roy's experience. I know Roy for his wisdom and care."
Bob All
President, Custom Security Specialist's Inc

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