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The Alligator Business Solution Paperback

The Alligator business solution is dedicated to helping small businesses gain a competitive advantage. You will learn how to establish a solid foundation, gain an understanding of your most important business functions, and align decisions and business functions with that foundation. Various tools and assignments will aid the journey towards your long-term vision. What could alligators possibly have to do with business? you want long-term sustainable success, right? Alligators have survived for 150 million years by adapting and learning basic skills and strategies for success, just as you should. They have patience and single minded focus and a simple strategy for success: lurk, lunge, and chomp. What is an alligator doing when lurking? Preparing to lunge. similarly, you need to prepare your business for success, so that when opportunities arise you can lunge to take advantage of them. You need to Prepare (lurk), so you can Act (lunge), and Succeed (chomp).

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The book is a great tool for anyone thinking about starting a business to read thoroughly prior to making the decision to become a small business owner. There is an incredible amount of information compiled from Roy Austin's decades of experience as a successful businessman, owner, and leader. If you are already in business, this book will enable you to structure your company to achieve even greater success. I enthusiastically recommend it.

Ron Kirby

President, Business Consulting & Leadership Development Regional Director BNI, Hilton Head & Charleston Regions

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